FitzRoy is coming soon – big news in young people’s care

The creation of FitzRoy House in Northampton is an exciting new chapter for St Andrew’s. When it opens in early 2017, it will become home to over 100 patients.

That will make it the largest secure service for young people with mental health needs anywhere in the world.

For our nursing team, it’s an incredibly exciting project to be part of – FitzRoy will be a unit where we can deliver truly world-class holistic care with the very latest treatments and techniques.

There are purpose built residential facilities, shaped with the input of staff and patients. The layout and interior have been carefully designed to support the recovery of young people.

Cutting edge facilities will enable us to deliver ground-breaking treatments such as sensory integration techniques and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), specially adapted for young people.

There will be sports and therapy areas, a cafe and courtyards with outdoor activity spaces and landscaped gardens. Young people will be able to benefit from activities to help their recovery, such as horticulture and animal care.

We’re also adding a modern new facility for St Andrew’s College, our OFSTED ‘outstanding’ school. This will feature teaching rooms with better access to technology, a science demonstration room, a new library area, an outdoor education area, a bespoke music room and a recording studio.

Joining the nursing team at FitzRoy will be a huge career opportunity and the chance to be part of something very special from the start.